FLIPCast: The Innovation Journey at Linklaters – Past, Present, and Future

Innovation is contagious, and great ideas can translate into reality through shared knowledge and experience. This exciting installment of the FLIPCast features three distinguished Partners at Linklaters (part of our very own FLIP Community!) as they share how this global law firm fought the forces of stagnation and pushed forward towards innovation and change.

Join us in our chat with Linklaters Partners Peiying Chua of the Financial Regulation Group, Adrian Fisher of the TMT Group, and Rob Elliot of the Corporate M&A Group.

Listen to Part 1 of Innovation at Linklaters : Our Journey and Impetus to Change

In Part 2 of this chat, learn about Linklaters’ Innovation Strategy and how innovation is at the forefront of their current projects, to keep abreast of the ever-changing industry, and taking on new challenges and bold opportunities.

Listen to Part 2 of Innovation at Linklaters : Our Current Projects and Looking to the Future

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